February 18, 2016

Where We Are In Place & Time

As the Grade 3 students inquired about the different physical features of the Earth’s geography, they visited the Tropical Spice Garden to better understand on the different landforms and bodies of water available in Penang. Most of the students were very thrilled as they were able to enjoy the ‘Slide and Ladder’ game at the hilly part of the garden. The students were also able to develop their thinking skills during the discussion session with Ms. Joelene, the nature specialist of the garden, as they asked many questions and answered the questions raised by her.

The students were able to gather new information about the different geographical features of the Earth while touring around the ‘mini-rainforest of Penang’ during the excursion. The session was later concluded with the students enjoyed drinking their nutmeg tea and receiving a bookmark each as a token of appreciation from the Tropical Spice Garden authority.