February 15, 2016

A Visit to the Chinese Heritage Museum

Excursion to the Chinese heritage museum on 27th August 2014 was an exciting day for Grade 5 students in Fairview International School, Johor Bahru Campus. Before the visit they were equipped with knowledge about their first unit on “Where We Are in Place and Time”. This unit provided them with vast knowledge on migration, reasons behind migration, consequences and the risk. Students also inquired into the push and pull factors of migration.
The excursion that started at 9am consist of 24 students and 2 teachers. The students were given a warm welcome there. The museum had a detailed history on early migration of the Chinese community to Malaysia. They were enlightened on reasons of migration and the development of Chinese migrant in Malaysia. The students also had an opportunity to explore various tools and historical items used by Chinese migrant in their daily lives. By the end of the excursion students had developed vast knowledge on migration.