February 18, 2016

Excursion to the Batik Factory

Preferably an article about your Excursion/ Interesting Classroom activities/ Students’ reflections on classroom activities BASED ON YOUR CURRENT UNIT: For our UOI 2, we visited the Batik Factory. The reason why we choose this place for our excursion is because it is integrated with our unit of inquiry. Students in grade 2 are learning about the process of making a product before they are consumed or used.

In the batik factory students are exposed to the process of making batik cloth. Students learned how batik cloth are drawn or stamp using wax. Students were also given the chance to feel the dried wax paint on the cloth. They saw how the experienced workers painted the batik loth using colours that compliments the batik pattern. Besides that, students were also taught on how to paint their own batik handkerchief. Students enjoyed themselves in the batik factory. They Coloured their own batik handkerchief and also colour themselves. We teachers believe that the students benefits from this excursion. They can now explained the process of making a batik cloth.