February 15, 2016

Be An Eco- Hero

What do you think makes a person a hero? For a child, a hero simply means someone who knowingly puts his or her life at risk for a greater good and standout to be courageous, determined and loving. The Grade 2 Green students have shown their sense of heroism when they ventured into the Central Idea of PEOPLE MAKE CHOICES IN SUSTAINING THE EARTH RESOURCES. Powerless as they are butthey choose to be ECO-SUPER HEROES.
Young as they are but they did simple acts of boldness to protect and save the earth. Their mission is to do the 3Rs: RECYCLE, REUSE and REDUCE. The Eco-heroes also conserve electricity by switching off lights and aircon after using, segregate biodegradable from nonbiodegradable, do compost, safeguarding living creatures, making toys and useful materials from recyclable materials, planting trees and create awareness on how to sustain Earth Resources.