February 10, 2016



At Fairview International School, we encourage our students to have a balanced approach to life; academics, arts and athletics all form a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle and we encourage our students to proactively join the programmes that the school offers.

Our athletics teams comprise of Basketball, Football, Swimming, Netball, Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton. Students engage in weekly practices, friendly matches and league games with other local schools. We are fortunate to have dedicated teacher coaches who give up their time to train our more physically active students.

Fairview’s most popular sports teams are our Basketball Boys and Girls teams. Through a combination of a gruelling physical workout, skills development and game experience, the teams have dramatically improved their fitness, teamwork and offensive and defensive capabilties.


Boys U15 Basketball Fairview

31 – 36

Boys U15 Basketball Fairview SJ
at Fairview KL

58 – 18

Boys O15 Basketball Fairview SJ
at Fairview KL

47 – 41

Girls U18 Basketball Fairview SJ
at Fairview KL

44 – 6

Boys U15 Basketball St Johns International
at Fairview KL

42 – 32
17 – 24″